New Booth Coming Up


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blackbuffet6 blackbuffet5 blackbuffet4 blackbuffet3 blackbuffet2 blackbuffet

Here are some items I have been working on to put in my new booth I am opening in mid March in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming at Our Place Antique Store.  I will still have my booth at The Eclectic Elephant in downtown Cheyenne also.

An old wood tool caddy painted in Country Chic Bliss, distressed and finished with Hemp Oil for sealing.

toolbox3 toolbox2 toolbox

retronightstand retrodresser2

retronightstand2 retrodresser

Mid Century Modern dresser and night stand painted in a blue and off white with no distressing and new clear knobs.

paint9 paint8 paint7 paint6

Picture frame painted in a new line of pant I tried by Heirloom Traditions.  Love this color.  Distressed to show gold undertones.

metaltable4 metaltable3 metaltable2 metaltable

Old wrought iron table with lots of detail painted in Annie Sloan Country Grey, distressed and clear waxed.

paint5 paint4 paint3 paint2 paint

Picture frame painted in another new color Repose by Heirloom Traditions.  It’s grey with a hint of lavender.  Pretty color.

greymirror4 greymirror3 greymirror2 greymirror

Large gold wall mirror painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey, clear and dark waxed and distressed to show some of the gold undertones.

frame01 frame00

Black frame painted in Country Chic Backyard Picnic, distressed and clear waxed.

chest5 chest4 chest3

Old cedar chest I found at The Goodwill and almost didn’t buy because the veneer on top was in such horrible shape.  I decided I would upholster the top and not try to deal with the veneer issue, which I hate.  I had some Country Chic Paint in Bliss but not enough to finish the piece so I added in some of my Annie Sloan Florence and got this beautiful color.

chest8 chest7 chest6

I found two of these Queen Anne tables at the Good will.  Initially I painted them in black and added the stencil on top.  Didn’t sell and I really didn’t love them.  After sitting for a long time I decided to paint them with Annie Sloan Country Grey and distress back to show the black.  Love how they turned out.  Country Grey looks really good with black.

cheesecaketable3 cheesecaketable2 cheesecaketable6 cheesecaketable4 cheesecaketable

This is an antique solid oak wall cabinet I painted in Country Chic Paint Licorice, distressed and clear waxed with new clear knobs.

blackcabinet4 blackcabinet3 blackcabinet2

Mahogany buffet.  I left the top as is and painted the rest in Country Chic Paint Licorice and distressed to show the reddish brown undertones.

blackbuffet6 blackbuffet5 blackbuffet4 blackbuffet3 blackbuffet2 blackbuffet


Large wall mirror in a light aqua blue.

My daughters bridal shower


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I held a bridal shower at our home for my daughter who is getting married in two weeks.  We had about 28 guests.  I chose colors she is using for her wedding.  Yellow, grey and tiffany blue.  I used a lot of my items I had just made for a wedding show I was in, which was really handy.  I also painted three tables that my daughter is going to use for the wedding and decided I might as well use them for the shower too.  I ordered tissue poms from Etsy in the three colors and spent a whole evening separating layers of tissue to make these things.  I found out I could have ordered them already separated but that probably would have been a lot more expensive.  My 11 yr. old helped me.  I had to bribe him with $ but that’s ok, he was a great help.  I ordered food from Nordy’s BBQ and we had pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans and there yummy pasta coleslaw.  I also had a big vegetable tray, meat and cheese try and chocolate fondue for dessert.  We had soda, water, wine, beer and wine coolers for drinks.  Here are photos of the event.

shower37 shower3

This one of the tables I painted for her for the wedding and decided to use for the shower too.  It was painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey, distressed to show dark wood undertones and clear waxed.  I added all new knobs.  They are blingy for the wedding. The photo to the right is a before picture. Three of the tissue poms are hanging above.  The M,& and S I bought at Hobby Lobby.  They were burlap but half off so I decided to get them and paint them the wedding colors and I added some fabric flowers to spruce them up a bit. I found the yellow and grey chevron paper plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby. Yes that’s my kitty sitting there all cute peeking through the bannisters.


This was the main food table.  I found picture frames at Hobby Lobby that had the three colors in a chevron design.  I put there wedding invitation in one and an engagement photo of them in the other.  The painted vases in between are vases I painted for a recent wedding show I was in.  The tall white one has yellow roses inside and the small blue one has baby breath inside.  I found the three candle holders and candles also at Hobby Lobby.  Of course I waited till they were half off.  I couldn’t believe they had them in those three colors.  Love that store!!! I used a yellow paper padded table cloth and a grey table skirt.  Got those at Party America. 


This is a close up of the décor on the main food table.  I also had small tiffany blue votives burning.

shower33 shower13

This is another table I painted for her. Painted it in grey but finished it with a silver metallic glaze and added 2 new blingy knobs. The photo on the right is the before photo of the table.   I also made the chalkboard.  It’s from the Goodwill.  It had an ugly painting where the chalkboard is now and I painted the white area and distressed it to give it a shabby chic look and adorned with silk blingy flowers.  I also made the birdcage into a card holder.  I adorned it with wide burlap, a more narrow ribbon in the middle with a tag hot glued on with glitter letters used for scrapbooking, a fabric flower and some ivory ribbon on top.

shower17 shower18

This is before and after of bird cage.


This is the third table I painted.  I painted it black first and then grey on top, distressed to show black undertones and clear waxed.  The photo on the right is a before of the table. 


Bride to be sign I bought on Etsy.


I hung the poms on the walls around two doorways with painters tape.  I don’t know if it’s because I have flat texture but they kept falling down.  They looked nice when they were up though.  And they did stay up for the shower, which was the most important part. 

I added water with cut up lemons to this glass vase and put flowers in them.  What a fun way to display flowers. The blue vase with flowers I painted and added ribbon and a blingy embellishment.  It was just a clear glass vase I bought at the Goodwill store. 



Furniture up do’s


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photo 1-347photo 3-280photo 1-322    This was a great set of furniture in its daybut this set was suffering from old age.  Lots of broken veneer and warped veneer.  Definitely needed a paint transformation.  This is such a classic set that a soft off white is what was calling out to it.  After lots of repair and cleaning that is just what she got and all I can say is WOW!  The set came back to life vibrantly.  Check it out.  It had such amazing detail that now you can really see and it adds so much character.  

photo 2-343photo 2-344photo 3-328

The other piece I just finished last week is made from an old headboard and repurposed to a bench.  It also is an amazing transformation with some paint.  This is it before.


And the after photos.  I painted it with a coat of black first, then a coat turquoise and sanded back so the black showed through.  

photo 4-374 photo 3-418 photo 2-428 photo 1-472

Wedding Show


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Whew the wedding show is over.  It was a lot of work but I had fun with it and it was good exposure for my business.  The local news station featured the wedding show and I was actually in it.  They scanned over me and my booth and focused in on my mason jars.  Here are a few photos from the show.

photo 1-470 photo 2-427

photo 3-417 photo 4-373 photo 1-469 photo 2-426 photo 3-416 photo 4-372 10551715_10205837113823921_3880011099513323025_o

I took a few pieces of my painted furniture but my main focus was vintage and new glassware for candy buffets.  Some of them I decorated with ribbon and blingy embellishments and some I left plain.  I had a lot of painted and decorated mason jars that can be used for center pieces or table decor for showers.  You can put flowers , candles or candy sticks in them or leave them empty and just arrange them to decorate tables.  They can also be used for other things besides decor for weddings.  You can put pens and pencils in them, make up brushes, toothbrushes, q-tips or cotton balls in the bathrooms.  So many uses.  Each mason jar took a good 3 coats of paint and then I would distress them either with a wet rag or sand paper and seal them with a coat of polyacrylic.  Then once the sealer is dry I would decorate them with ribbon, fabric flowers and twine.  I glued everything on with a hot glue gun.  I also painted a lot of picture frames and distressed them to give them a shabby chic look.  I made chalkboards from old pictures I found at goodwill.  I collected a variety of glass vases from good will and antique store and painted and distressed them, sealed with polyacrylic and decorated with ribbon and blingy embellishments.  These are great for centerpieces with flowers inside.  They look great arranged on a round mirrored tray.  Maybe add some votive candles and a small frame with table number inside frame.  

photo 1-456       photo 1-428

photo 2-392      photo 5-292

photo 1-425     photo 3-378

photo 3-379  photo 2-390

photo 1-426  photo 4-360

photo 2-393   photo 1-431

photo 1-448  photo 2-398photo 4-348

photo 5-297photo 4-351photo 3-390photo 5-310photo 1-440

photo 1-452photo 3-386photo 2-411photo 3-387

photo 2-396photo 2-395photo 5-295

Happy New Year


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2014 was a great year for my business.  It grew immensely and I look forward to it growing even more in 2015.  My passion for what I do still runs strong through my veins.  Next weekend I am going to have a booth at the local wedding show here in Cheyenne Wyoming.  I was approached a few months ago by the man who runs the wedding show.  He had seen my booth I have with my pieces at The Eclectic Elephant Antique Store and recommended me taking my pieces to try and sell at the show.  I also decided to change it up a bit and add some new items.  After researching popular items at weddings I decided to paint and decorate mason jars and vases that can be used for table decor for weddings and showers. The jars and vases can be filled with flowers, babies breath or left empty. You can put them on a mirrored tray or fabric or paper doily and add small votive candles to create a center piece.   I have also been collecting vintage glassware to be used for candy buffets, which are a new trend.   I’m also painting picture frames, candle holders and making chalk boards.  I will also be taking a few furniture pieces.  I am still working on items for the show but I have some finished that I will share with you.  It’s been a lot of fun getting ready for this but it has been during a busy time of year with the holidays and a week long family vacation we just took to Belize. I always seem to be in a time crunch in this business.  Rushing to get things done for some event.  I guess that happens in any business you are in.  Here are my pieces I have finished for the show.  More items to come in a few days.

 photo 1-420 photo 3-374 photo 5-289 photo 1-419 photo 2-382 photo 3-373 photo 2-386 photo 2-385       photo 3-333   photo 2-348photo 4-303 photo 4-304 photo 3-334photo 5-256 

photo 4-302 photo 2-341photo 5-254

photo 2-346 photo 3-331   

photo 3-375

photo 2-349


Chair fit for a Little Princess


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This is a chair I painted for a customers grand daughter for Christmas.         Her only request was that it be pink and blingy.   So I spent a few days thinking about how I was going to transform this eye sore into a piece fit for a little Queen. 

10714572_737199919704969_60928092190372557_o                               1553162_737199869704974_339045410610936988_o

  1836903_737199843038310_7206838735615624007_o       10697136_737199809704980_8116625264781028164_o      10470840_737199896371638_1380082384961203271_o


1836903_737199739704987_656655450046912454_o               10712491_737199733038321_8717898468167668407_o

10448519_737199783038316_3273745723401215323_o            1403052_737199899704971_9116250267754997803_o

Pink paint with clear glitter paint over it,  white paint with clear glitter paint on top, pink sequins and pink flower appliqués hot glued randomly and pink, soft, furry material on the padded seat.  Mission accomplished.  Happy Gramma and hopefully a happy grand daughter on Christmas.  What a fun project.  Time consuming but fun.  


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I can’t believe it’s December.  A busy month for everyone.  I just got back from a short vacation with a girl friend to celebrate my birthday in Vegas.  A much needed get away. Now I’m home for a short while before we head off to Belize for a family vacation over the holidays.  I’m finishing  up some custom orders, pieces for Our Place Antique Store that I paint for and starting on a few other projects for the upcoming Bridal show here in Cheyenne in January where I will have a booth.  After lots of thought about what items would be the best to sell I have decided on picture frames. framed chalk boards,  various painted and decorated mason jars, vases and candy jars and a few pieces of furniture.  Painted mason jars are very popular for weddings right now.  They are used for centerpieces on tables.  I’ve also learned that the new trend for weddings are candy buffets.  Various candies in various containers.  So I have also been accumulating vintage candy dishes to paint and decorate.  So for the next 10 days I will be working on getting some pieces done for the bridal show. I haven’t had any painting workshops this month because my partner and I couldn’t come up with a weekend that we were both available so in January hopefully we will be able to have a couple.  Here are some piece I just recently finished.

                                           photo 3-320

photo 4-293

photo 2-336

photo 1-363

This is a hand made solid wood farm style table and 4 vintage solid wood chairs that I hand painted in Annie Sloan Provence with heavy distressing and finished with clear wax.  I restrained the top and added a coat of polyacrylic to make it more durable.  

photo 1-362     photo 5-243

photo 2-333

This is a side table I just did today in Annie Sloan Old White on top and French Linen on bottom with french stencil in French Linen.  The piece was distressed and clear waxed. 

photo 5-236     photo 1-350

This was a custom order painted in Annie Sloan English Yellow, distressed to show black underneath and stenciled initials.  Finished in clear wax.

Until we meet again Happy Holiday to all of you

My growing business, my passion!


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I can’t believe how much time has gone by since I blogged.  OMG!!!  I have been so busy and so much is going on with my business.  It’s just so exciting.  I love, love, love what I do.  Funny thing.  My husband went out to the garage, which is my workshop, to drill some holes for me in a piece of furniture. Yes I know, what a sweet guy.   He came back in and said ”  I don’t know how you can work out there.”  I guess if you all could see my space I work in you would probably say the same thing.  But the response to that statement is.  “Because I am passionate about what I do.  It does matter that I work in a very limited space but it doesn’t prevent me from doing it and I still enjoy it when I’m out there.  I love creating.  So let’s see.  I guess some of the highlights of my business are.  #1.  My friend Dawn, who owns Our Place Antique Store and who I paint furniture for, and I teamed up and bought a line of chalk base furniture paint to retail in her store and I am teaching furniture painting classes with the paint.  We had our first 2 workshops last weekend on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.  We had a good turn out and it was a blast.  I never thought I would teach anything in my life.  I’m usually a nervous Nelly when I have to be in front of a group of people and talk.  Not this time.  It was easy peasy.  Loved it!!!!!!   We will be holding classes probably twice a month and after having several basic classes we will then offer intermediate classes teaching more advanced techniques.  Here are some photos from our first  two classes.                                       . photo 5-216 photo 5-215 photo 4-262 photo 4-261 photo 3-286 photo 3-285 photo 2-298 photo 5-214 photo 5-218 photo 4-264 photo 3-287 photo 2-300 photo 1-326 photo 5-217 photo 4-263 photo 4-265 photo 3-289 photo 3-288 photo 2-302 photo 2-302 photo 2-302 photo 2-301 photo 3-288 photo 1-327

Next in line.  My booth I rent at the Eclectic Elephant is having there Holiday Open House today through Sunday so I have spent the last week and a half getting my booth ready for that.  I have spent about 10 hours decorating and another umpteen hours painting furniture and other pieces to add to my booth.  One thing I have to emphasize about my booth is this.  I have been wanting to decorate the back wall of my booth for sometime as it was this ugly mint color peg board.  I have seen booth walls at other stores decorated with old piano music and I thought to myself, I have lots of old piano music that was my dads and it has been sitting in my piano bench for years, hidden away.  So I got it out and contemplated using it to hang on my booth wall.  Part of me said, “No, you can’t do that.”  The other part said, “You will be sharing something that was part of your dad in your business.  That sold me.  How awesome to have this vintage piano music, dated back to the early 1900’s, that my dad actually used to play, displayed on the wall of my booth.  He would love it.  One piece actually has his signature on it.  Wow,  he had beautiful penmanship.  So here are photos of my decorated booth.  Check out the piano music on the back wall and also all of my new pieces just added to my booth.  

  photo 3-290 photo 4-266 photo 2-314 photo 3-302 photo 4-276 photo 1-340 photo 4-275 photo 5-228

photo 1-338 photo 3-299 photo 4-274 photo 5-227 photo 1-337 photo 2-312 photo 3-298 photo 4-273 photo 5-226 photo 2-310 photo 3-295 photo 4-271 photo 5-224 photo 1-336 photo 2-311 photo 4-272 photo 5-225 photo 1-333 photo 2-308 photo 3-294 photo 4-270 photo 5-223  photo 1-331 photo 4-268 photo 5-221 photo 1-330 photo 3-291 photo 4-267 photo 5-220 photo 1-332 photo 2-307 photo 3-293 photo 4-269 photo 5-222 photo 1-329

My newest venture is painting and decorating mason jars.  They can be used for so many decorative and useful purposes.  You can paint and decorate jars with holiday themes, for weddings, for birthdays, showers, for bathrooms to hold toothbrushes, Q-tips, cotton, hand soap (you put a hand pump through the middle of the lid), pencil/pen holder and the list goes on.  Here are the first few that I did that I will be putting in my booth for sale.  I am also participating in the local bridal show as a vendor in January.  Decorated mason jars are a huge trend for weddings and I am going to be focusing on painting and decorating lots of them for this event.

photo 2-315                    photo 1-342                                       photo 3-303             photo 4-277

photo 5-230

It’s great loving what you do as a job, because it really doesn’t feel like a job.  Pursue your dreams!!!!

New business venture and lots of custom orders.

Well I haven’t blogged for awhile.  Been so busy with custom orders and getting ready for my new venture in my business of selling a chalk based paint line and teaching furniture painting classes.  So excited for this new part of my business. But first I want to show you the projects I have been working on. 

     photo 3-228      photo 2-265          

photo 4-235     photo 3-253

This is a before and after of a vintage sofa table I did for a customer.  The colors were a dark grey called Freedom Road by American Paint Co. and Annie Sloan Old white distressed and finished in a clear and dark wax.  

photo 2-238    photo 4-215

This is a vintage fruit box I found at the good will.  They don’t use those anymore.  Now they use cardboard boxes, which is unfortunate.  This was an order for a customer who ordered it to be painted in Annie Sloan Old White and Chateau Grey, which is an olive green color, and a french stencil with some light distressing and clear waxed.

photo 1-31     photo 2-287   photo 5-206


This is 2 vintage side tables I did for a customer in Annie Sloan Duck Egg blue, heavily distressed and finished in a clear and dark wax and the top was sanded and done with 3 coats of General Finishes Java Gel, which is like a stain, but goes on very thick and if you don’t wipe it back after applying is more like a paint.  The customer provided the picture with one of the tables next to the bed at her home.  Love how it looks.  She loved the tables.  

photo 1-296   photo 2-277

photo 3-264       photo 1-301

These great antique side tables were done for a customer in Annie Sloan Florence, distressed to show dark wood undertones to give it a “shabby chic” look and finished in a clear wax.  

photo 1-291   This is a vintage Lane Cedar Chest.  Ugly right? Well here is it’s transformation in to a statement piece.  This was done for a customer.  She chose Annie Sloan French Linen and Old White with a stenciling on the drawer that really makes it pop.

photo 2-294

  photo 1-319 photo 2-266

Look at the inside.  The inside is in amazing shape and has such a great cedar smell.

photo-2486  This is a Drexel Buffet I bought at an ARC Thrift Store for a great price and painted for a customer. 

photo 4-249  photo 3-269    photo 1-307   I painted this piece with a coat of black and then Annie Sloan Emperors Silk, which is a red, and distressed piece to show black undertones and added new hardware.  Finished with a dark wax.  

photo 1-271  Side table painted for a customer who wanted it plain white with some distressing and I added some fun new knobs.  My customer provided a photo with it in her house.  I love how it looks with her furniture and decor.

photo 2-270  photo 5-198 photo 2-272


photo 2-295   photo 5-213   photo 3-282

I forgot to take a before photo of this but it was dark and dreary.  It reminded me of a Santa Fe style of furniture and this color just seemed to fit the style.  This was painted for an antique store that I paint furniture for.  I surprised her a little with the color but she likes it.  

photo 4-259  photo 3-281  Custom order that is going to be a Christmas gift for a young teenage girl.  She chose Annie Sloan Country Grey, which is a taupe, and a light pink.  I spray painted the hardware and finished the piece with clear wax.

photo 3-272       photo 1-309  photo 4-252    Another all white piece, which sometimes is boring for me, but it’s a custom order and you have to do what the customer wants.  This piece started out off white so because she wanted it distressed and for it to show a dark color underneath when distressed I had to paint two coats of black and then about 4 coats of white.  A little time consuming.  But when I distressed it I love the contrast and so did the customer.  Happy customer, happy me.  Haven’t had one disappointed yet.  

photo 3-274  photo 2-293

This piece was done for the antique store I paint for.  I decided to try the new Annie Sloan color Burgundy and after I got it painted I thought there is no way I can the original hardware back on and I just saw it being adorned with glass knobs and yes that is exactly what it needed.  I love this piece.

photo 1-302  photo 3-266  photo 2-280     Before and after of vintage frame  painted in a teal, distressed to show gold undertones and dark waxed.  

So now for my new venture.  The gal I paint furniture for at Our Place Antique Store and I have teamed up and made an investment in retailing a line of chalk base paint called Country Chic.  I have used the paints and I really love it.  I love how well it goes on, and of course it is chalk based, which means no sanding or priming, just start painting.  It also dries smoothly and distresses easily and with no dust from the sanding.  It is a little less expensive than Annie Sloan, which is a plus and has great colors.  So not only will we retail the paint at Our Place Antique Store but we are going to have furniture painting workshops that I am going to teach.  Teach?  Me?  I am really looking forward to teaching these classes.  I am going to be teaching something I am very passionate about and have taken a lot of time to educate myself on over the last 13 months so I am feeling very confident about teaching the classes.  I am doing some preparations though.  I like to be organized so I will have a type of lesson plan for myself and an informational packet for the guests.  Three_Open_Cans   Colours-web           workshop_graphic_4

Our first classes are forming right now to be held November 14 and then one on November 16.  We will be holding workshop with 10 guests for a 2 hour session providing each guest with a choice from two pieces to paint and take home, snacks and wine and a fun girls night out.  We will have classes once a month.  People will also be able to come in to the store and buy the paint and other products we will carry like brushes and waxes.  After we have basic classes for a few months we will then start to have an intermediate class where guests can pick a small furniture piece like a small side table or chair or even bring a piece from home that they want to transform.

Next on the list of business goals is:

1.  Open my own retail store.

2.  Take my pieces to outdoor open markets that usually occur from spring to early fall.  

3.  Find a new house on a small acreage with a HUGE WORKSHOP. My workspace has created great stress in my life because #1.  I have no space to work and #2.  I have no more room to put furniture.  Frustrated!!!!!!! It’s all a work in progress.  As they say.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Vintage Americana School Desk

I found this at a garage sale this summer for $6.  What a find that was.  I just finished it for a customer who plans on putting it outside.  It was way more time consuming than I anticipated but it finally came together and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Here it is before.

photo 4-212

Here it is after.  I used Annie Sloan chalk paint Napoleonic Blue on the seat and small area on top and Pure White for the stars and numbers and Vintage Market Design chalk paint in Barn Red.  I put two coats of Polycrylic in satin to protect it for outdoor use.

photo 1-308      photo 4-250           photo 3-270        photo 5-204